Kaleidoscope is an interactive ideation system, assisting humans in the brainstorming by automatically suggesting new ideas. It will record user's ideas, search its knowledge base, and make suggestions that are relavent, diverse, and inspiring.

System in action

The system has been taken offline.

How it works

“Ideation” is an essential process in creativity and problem-solving. Golden rules in brainstorming include: “ideas build on each other”, “defer judgment”, “seek quantity and diversity”. Following these rules, we develop a novel approach to assisting human brainstorming by idea recommendation.

We construct idea networks from heterogeneous datasets, define objectives to recommend ideas, design algorithms to achieve these objectives, and craft a working, interactive brainstorming system.

Our backend idea networks use following datasets:


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Sparkl is our great buddy, a web platform that empowers collaborative creative thinking by facilitating virtual synchronous brainstorming.